Valley of Mines features and percentages

This list will let you know how much of the “VoM” mod is done already. It will be updated everytime something new is done.
Thanks to the fans that are already watching us and are waiting for this project to be completed and beta-tested. Thanks aswell to
all the new people that began to follow us lately.

Now, to the list.

-Exchange Point                                          100%
-Hunter Posts and collapsed mines     100%
-Mountains                                                    100%
-Animals coves and spots                        100%
-Rivers, lakes, bridges, connections    100%
-OLD CAMP                                                     100%
-NEW CAMP                                                    100%
-SWAMP CAMP                                              100%
-Roads and connections                            100%
-Waterfalls                                                       100%
-OLD MINE                                                      100%
-NEW MINE                                                      100%
-Orc camp, Orc mines, Orc posts              100%
-Black Mage Tower                                         100%
-Sunken Towers (4 of them)                       100%
-Old Monastery                                                100%
-Old Castle                                                         100%
-Beach between OLD\SWAMP camp      100%      Yes, it has been done.

-Overall                       23%
-Overall                      45%
-Overall                        5%
-Overall                        0%
-Overall                        0%

[SIDE QUESTS]          0%
[MAIN QUESTS]       0%
[MISC]                          0%

[Main ACTORS]             0%
[Normal Actors]           0%
[Enemies]                        0%

[Overall]            0%


If you are willing to support this project and you are skilled in some way with the Creation Kit that Bethesda Softworks released, feel free to PM me on the sites [name’s TheDarkPrince] or right here! I am currently looking for anything, really. Most needed are:
– Quest scripers
– Quest designers
– Packages experts
– Behaviors Experts
– Voice Actors (later on the project)

IF the project will reach its full potential we could aswell take in some modellers and texturers to “REMAKE”  COMPLETLY the armors and weapons from the original concept game. Gothic.

See you soon fellow adventurers, stay with us for more news.


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