News and Updates [21.4.2012]

Considering everything I might even say that it’s been a while since the last time I wrote on the main project blog\site! Fact is that all the news and screenshots were shared on the Nexus forums topic for the project and it is with a “sad face” that I have to say to anyone who’s following the project that 3 weeks ago I had to restart everything from SCRATCH! Damn! Yeah, it was quite disturbing for me aswell considering all the month and half I’ve spent on the previous .esp!

Well, fear not! This time I’ve put more efforts and more technique and I might say that it’s coming along nicely, even more nice that the previous one, and this time THE LOD WORKS! (At least that’s what I found out while trying to generate it! XD).

As more people over the Nexus began to follow my project I have found two members willing to join the team, the first GASTI89, a good friend that is able to make quests and scripts which will help a lot once the world is done (by the way, the total world that has been done for now is like 5% of the overall!) and the other member is BRAINFROG357 whom kindly decided to began working on the armor models and he’s already doing a great job with the HEAVY GUARD ARMOR of the Old camp! Saw that thing, it’s amazing, really!

Well than, what to say! Ah, yes! Another important thing that you must know is that I am currently making a UNIQUE .esp file that later on, when the world is completly finished, will be divided into 2 .esp(s), this because I am making a world that is CONCEPT of the GOTHIC world (as my project started) but is even lore-friendly to the TES LORE. Fear not, those of you that wish to play gothic only will be able to do so by picking the right .esp file! Those that like to stay near the TES LORE can pick the other one! 🙂

Now, let’s stop talking and writing already, shall we? Here is the link to the new screenshots, and remember, this album right HERE is updated on a 2days basis. Stay tuned for more! May the force be with us! XD

Yours, the VOMTeam administrator, TDPrince.

New VoM – Colony Screenshots (Taken with CK – No LOD)

So, let’s just say it’s been a while we haven’t uploaded any screenshots so while modding I decided to take a “few” pics of what’s going on with the work of VoM-Colony. Take a look for yourself and let’s hope you like it for now!

Remember : Only cluttered, furnished town (and not completly) is OLD CAMP so try to think about the screenshots as the “20% of the real work”.

Thank you!