If you are willing to join the VOMteam all you need to do is PM [TheDarkPrince] on the Nexus Forums or directly here [tdprince]. If you are unable to (tho I hardly believe you really are) you can still send me an e-mail to the following address [lorenzo.pieri89@hotmail.it].
The VOMTeam is currently looking for skilled and expert modders to accomplish a project such as VoM itself. What is VoM? VoM [valley of mines] is a fac-simile of the old game GOTHIC by Pyranha-Bytes. Considered the great graphic that has been taken to us by Bethesda Softworks what we want to do is RECREATE completly the world of GOTHIC 1 inside Skyrim, with Skyrim Graphic and Physic engines. This is possible, hard surely, but possible. We will luck the “EXACT” things that were in the gothic game such as the NEWCAMP rockshacks or such, but I’m quite sure we can do quite a good job if you join me and the team and we work together as one.
Remember, the force is strong with this project [Anakin said that to me the other day].

Now, to business. VOMTeam is in need of:
– Quest designers
– Quest scripters
(Both side, misc and MAIN quests obviously)

– Modellers and Texturers (to recreate armors and weapons)
– Sound experts
– LOD makers, LOD experts (cause I simply hate that part, I DO HATE THAT PART)
– NPC and Packages specialits (to give a real and complex life to VoM world)

– Voice actors (when the project will be at like 80% done we will begin to contact you)
– BETA TESTERS (when the project is 99% ready, that’s the beta-turn)

Thank you all for reading and (hopefully) signing up for the big project. If you have no idea of what GOTHIC is, remember, GOOGLE is your friend. Seach for the armors, world photoes and stuff. Im quite sure you’ll recognize the great potentian of such game since it’s like 15 years old already and it was a damn precursor for his days.

Thanks again, and see you soon!