New VoM – Colony Screenshots (Taken with CK – No LOD)

So, let’s just say it’s been a while we haven’t uploaded any screenshots so while modding I decided to take a “few” pics of what’s going on with the work of VoM-Colony. Take a look for yourself and let’s hope you like it for now!

Remember : Only cluttered, furnished town (and not completly) is OLD CAMP so try to think about the screenshots as the “20% of the real work”.

Thank you!



FIRST LOOK at VoM [WIP] Screenshots

Take the first look. Remember, for now only the world of VoM is to be done.
No CLUTTERS, LOD, NPCs, ANIMS, WEAPONS, ARMORS, FURNITURES or other things UNTIL the world itself is finished and ready to be used for things mentioned before.





Hope you like them!